The New School is our own, recently constructed building which meets all modern requirements and is equipped to facilitate the development approach to education. It offers:
a meal system on par with the standards of leading contemporary restaurants;
a variety of clubs and workshops for children and adults, even those who are not directly involved with the school;
workshops conducted by renowned world stars of education;
personal IT support for each child's study account;
individual educational plan based on the "360 degree education" principle
At the New School, we're creating an educational environment relying on the experience of existing private schools, augmenting it with a well thought-through systemic approach. We adhere to the principles of selection, we follow the patterns of developmental routes. Adult members of the team, who guide their students, are no less affected by this approach.

At the New School, involvement in the educational process allows children not only to attend classes, but also to live a full and fulfilling life at school. The teachers' objective is to achieve high academic results without depriving students of childhood, without limiting their imagination and their keen interest in knowledge.

Our goal is to teach children independence — to teach them how to form their own opinions, how to take conscious decisions and make independent choices.
Entry exams
Entry exams to the New School are aimed at giving an opportunity to enroll children with a level of education close to ours. At the same time, we look not only at a student's level of knowledge of several basic disciplines, but also at meta-competences: their ability to correct mistakes, to manage their time, to set priorities and to engage in teamwork. Regarding middle school and high school, the decision of the admissions committee is influenced, among other things, by the conscious motivation of children: changing schools is stressful for a student at any age, but the process is easier if the child him/herself wants to enroll to the New School and understands why they will continue to develop more comfortably in our environment.

The goal of all the exams is a two-way introduction, a discussion of educational capabilities and expectations of the child, family and school. Therefore, in every class, we pay special attention to getting to know the family: it is important for us that the same values are translated to the child at home and at school.

At the end of each stage, we review the performance of the child, and, if they are not below a certain minimum threshold, we invite them to the next one. After the final stage, we look at the results of all the tests as a whole, as well as the results of other children, and make the final decision.

Thus, the final decision of the admission committee is based, firstly, on the results of all the entrance examinations that the child has passed, and secondly, on the results of other children seeking to join the school.
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