Extracurricular education
We have crated the New School to make education attractive. Not only for schoolchildren, but for everybody who wants to develop — from pre-school children to adults. Therefore, after lunch the school becomes an educational and cultural center and opens its doors for all. Because it is important for us to make education accessible.

We develop the New School as a space where anybody can fall in love with learning and open up his or her potential.
Extracurricular education in the New School is primarily focused on clubs and courses: maths, languages, art&tech, football, dance, beatbox, human genetics, chess, physics, ceramics, preparation for state exams, and a few dozes of other clubs and courses.

We also hold lectures, master classes, meetings with interesting people, open discussions, concerts, film discussions, and workshops.
Over 100 groups for kids aged 3-17;
Courses for adults;
Parents' club;
Educational programmes for pre-school children;
5-day intensive courses during school breaks.
There is our club of art and technology:
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